Coolest military tank and fighting flight in war world 2

World war two witnessed the use of various cutting edge weapons, some of which became very famous later on. It is quite difficult to compile a list of some of the coolest military tank and fighting flight in war. However, below are some of the tanks and aircraft’s that deserve a mention.


JagdpantherThis is a literal German translation meaning Hunting Panther. It was manufactured by the Germans during the Second World War. Although it was used later in the war, the Jagdpanther showed action on both the Western and Eastern fonts. It has a very heavy fire tank of (8.8 cm Kwk 43 cannon), integrated with a Panther chassis. Most historians consider this tank as one of the top tank destroyers of the world war two. Continue reading

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Teach Your Children To Appreciate The Military

family celebrating national military dayI am a military spouse, and I wake each day eating, sleeping and breathing military life. The country is in a celebratory mood for the national military family appreciation month in November. This is a great thing for appreciating the important role the military plays and the sacrifices these people make both for their countries and families. It is therefore important to ensure your child grows up valuing the military and their past, present and future sacrifices.
So apart from teaching your kids the normal patriotic things such as the pledge alliance, what else should you teach them?
It’s more than just one branch

It’s really important that you educate your children that there are different branches of the military and that each one of them has a role, purpose and mission. Children should know the different branches of the military and the roles they play.
It’s also vital to let them know how the military serves the government and protects civilians.

Put the military in all historical aspects

As a military family, we all love shooting fireworks on every 4th of July and its so much fun for my now teenage girls. They will put on their favorite matte foundation and put on their nice fitting jeans and enjoy the day with lots of eating.
For us as parents, we take this opportunity to explain the need and role of the military in such historical events.

Live the history

Washington DC is a real goldmine of history. With an hour’s drive, you get to view major historic battlefields in D.C. However, there are so many historical things in different states that you will not lack anything that can explain about the importance of the military to your children. If you are out on a tour, look for creative opportunities to incorporate the topic in your conversations.

Link with your children where they are

What do your children love doing? What are their hobbies? With the answers you get, find ways that you can connect their hobbies to the military.
It could be they love technology. Look for apps on their phones that can teach them about the military. Maybe they love singing. Look for songs that lean more on the military, show sacrifices, freedom and historical events.

Make it practical

Kids mainly enjoy practical experiences and they even understand more in such. You can instill the appreciation of the military in children by volunteering as a family during military events. Different events show different facets of the military. You can be a volunteer at the Marine Corps marathon, put on blue: USO events and fully participate while at the same time educating your children.

You may think instilling military appreciation in your kids early in life is going beyond overboard, but the negatives of not doing so are many. It’s critical that children understand that they enjoy their freedoms and lives because of the sacrifices other people have made so that they can have that peace.

It’s important to teach our children about their country and that being part of the military is a real honor and that every person who is serving or served in should be accorded respect for their sacrifice, loyalty and devotion.

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Military Gear That You Can Make Good Use Of As A Civilian

militaryMilitary gear is very cool. We mostly see it being used in movies and also how it was used on battlefield. While military gear is obviously quite valuable to the armed forces. What most of you don’t know is that these gears can be used by civilians. Below is a list of three   types of military gear that civilians may find useful:


Tactical gear

This is one form of military equipment that you may find useful. Many of the exciting items come under this classification. This may include night vision goggles. Night vision can be of great help whenever an individual wants to see clearly at night. For this reason, It has numerous applications for hunting and home security as well. This also includes other things that you may find useful including; shotgun scabbards, holsters, and ammo bags that are crucial to every hunter. Ass a hiker, you may also make good use of various designs of backpacks, accessory belts, and pouches designed for tactical operations. Even as you strive to get the best hairstyles for men or searching for short hair styles, you can add glamor to your look with tactical gear.


Surveillance equipment                               

This is another military gear that can be very helpful to you and your family. To perform their tasks, military people are supposed to keep a close look on the enemies and their own facilities. As a civilian, you can use surveillance cameras to protect your home and family. This equipment is available at a cheaper price compared t products made by non-military contractors.


Different types of surveillance equipment are available from military supply stores. This includes surveillance cameras that can easily be located outside. There are small sized cameras that can be hidden inside your alarm clock, radio, and other appliances in your home. These cameras can be useful for parents who want to keep an eye on their baby-sitters after parents have gone off to work.


Field and survival gear

This gear was created for military but can be used by civilians as well. This gear has two strong applications beyond the battlefield. You can use it when roughing in the outdoors and can also be used as a precautionary supply stockpiled just in case of an emergency.

This includes those necessities that should be taken on your trip to outdoors like camping. These include military grade tents, backpacks, insect repellant, fire starters, and first aid kits. It also includes things that come in handy in case of a military invasion, disaster, or a collapse of the US economy. Such things include multipurpose knives, swords, snare wire, pocket saws, moleskin and sewing kits.


Special Forces gear offers a great selection of military special operations as well as law enforcement tactical gear along with awesome T-shirts. You can also get line catering to large and small units that are designed to boost morale. In short, never think that military gear is only meant to be used by military. There are those that you as a civilian can enjoy.

What career after serving in military should you go for?

militaryThere are those soldiers who decide to build life long careers within the military whereas others choose to pursue other opportunities outside the military. One thing that is for sure is that the valuable experience and training in the military that one gets puts them in a good position to find a job afterwards. Whichever option you choose, the army will generally support your decision through guidance and programs that will help you to succeed in your post-military career.

Transitioning from the military to a civilian

After your term of service, the army will help you to transition to civilian life. In most countries around the world, every army post has got a career and alumni program center whose aim is to help soldier to prepare for the future after the army. You will find that career counselors will be at hand to help you to create resumes, network with different employers out there and determine the sort of post-military careers that you will engage in after leaving the Army.

Earning professional training credentials

Before leaving the military, it is possible for you to enlist for post-army career success. This basically involves creating links with parties both in the private and public sectors. This then offers you the right opportunity to serve your country better as you prepare for a brighter future. As you are in the army, you will also have plenty of opportunities to earn professional certification. These certifications can catapult you to great success in your civilian career.

So, what is the best career after serving in military? Can someone just become a construction worker (descriptions here) and lead that life to the end? Well, there are many jobs that you can enroll in and make your retirement years worthwhile. Here are some great options for you.

1. Become a teacher

If at all you are interested in a teaching career after leaving the military, this is a great option for you. Many military stations across the globe offer army to teacher programs that might be a great help in this regard. Once you decide that you want to be a teacher, you can get help in identifying teaching job requirements by the experts in the service. Other than that, you will get details about programs leading to certifications and any job opportunities that might come around. Just know that being a teacher can be very fulfilling and rewarding.

2. Adopt technical jobs

If you have skills in computer technology, technical and support jobs might be the best option for you. You can work in areas such as computer programming, telecommunications, software design and development and even helping IT specialists.

3. Health care services

You can become a pharmacist or handle any other healthcare jobs. For instance, you can work as a nurse, physician or medical laboratory technician. Moreover, if you have the right healthcare certificates and training, you can do medical management and support services.

4. Franchises and business management

If you are looking for a rewarding career after serving in military, building a business franchise and managing it on your own might be a great option. However, this will only happen if you have the capital to feed into the project at first.


For U.S Military, Laser Guns Are More Of A Reality Than A Sci-Fi Tech

In the most recent test, a 10-kilowat laser gun that was developed for U.S army by Boeing shot down more than 10 rockets, drones, and other mock enemy targets. This is according to Boeing officials. Also known as the HEL MD (High Energy Mobile Demonstrator, this weapon uses detected beams of energy to destroy targets in the midair.

I love talking about big machines and so even after writing a resume for medical receptionist and got a job with a good pay I could not stop thinking of the latest in the military world and so I had to quit and follow my passion. Writing about big machines is what I love. Read on and you will learn more about laser guns.

What I love most about this machine is the fact that for it to destroy an incoming small bomb or a mortar round, it shoots it with its beam of energy that measures less than an inch, exactly 2.5 centimeters across. According to Barry Crow, an engineer who worked on this HEL MD project, this dime-sized beam can actually hit a target miles away.

“For example, when we put that tight spot on a mortar, you can think of it as being almost like a butane torch that has been brought to a really tight, fine flame, and yo8u are really applying it right to the surface of the mortar.” Said Stephanie Blount, another HEL MD engineer in a recent video posted on the company’s website.“It does not take long for a mortar’s surface to get very hot that high energy explosives that it contains begin to detonate.” She added.

According to Boeing, the laser weapon can be mounted on top of an armored vehicle. The overall plan is to one day deploy several mobile lasers together and position them to defend troops on the ground from incoming enemy mortars, missiles, and other projectiles. 3 HEL MD if strategically placed could defend an entire army against a small weaponry fire. However, before shooting down on its targets, the laser has to locate and track them, which is not an entirely automatic process. Operations inside the armored vehicle are the one that helps the laser weapon in tracking the target enemy with the use of a video game controller.

Crow said that targeting an enemy is something that the weapons can just pick up and that it feels natural to them. “Once the target is located, it can be destroyed within seconds at which laser gun moves to the next target and keeps firing.

One of my MA friends who is also into big machines told me that they are not just excited about the gun’s speed and precision but also its price. According to them, the only cost that is associated with operating the laser gun is the cost of running the on-board electrical equipment as well as the price of diesel fuel to drive the armored vehicle. I hope Boeing is also hiring medical assistant for some of the field projects so I can get a see this machine in person. If they do, I’ll really need to work on a great CV for it.

“Not only is this system a high-tech but it is also very cost effective, in fact, it’s very hard to find a solution with all the high-tech pushing the state of the art capability, which are the most cost effective solutions as well.”Blount said.

Connecting With the Past: Top War History Blogs

warblogThe best way to research or familiarize yourself about a certain subject or point of discussion is to read about it. You can opt for books in libraries or bookstores, or choose to do your research on the Internet instead. The Web is an excellent resource for literally any subject you can think of under the sun, as long as you are discerning enough to know which sources are reputable and which ones to avoid. Check-out this article for general tips on how you can tell if a website is a reliable source

If you are interested in war history, the online resources are vast and cover different periods of time. From the epic battles of the Greek and Roman Empires which you can read about here, to the major World Wars and Middle East campaigns, the Web has all sorts of documents, photographs, and accounts that will open your eyes to the various aspects of wartime history.

One of the most popular sites is, a multimedia resource about the entire history of World War II. The site is a brainchild of Laurence Rees, a filmmaker and awarded historian. features interviews with WWII history experts, testimonies of doctors, servicemen, and civilians in different sides of the conflict, and videos from the period. You will also find links to books and television documentaries from Rees.

For an exhaustive look into World War I, meanwhile, you can go to the BBC’s platform,, which delves into every detail of the first major world war. This site has a timeline of the events leading up to World War I until it ended, profiles of different soldiers who fought in the war, documentation of the vast effects of WWI across the region and globally, and even podcasts, radio dramas, and videos about the period. There are also online courses and interactive guides that make the research even more personal.

Those looking to read up about the Vietnam War can visit This site has a timeline and detailed posts on the causes of Vietnam War; how America became involved, and how the campaign ended as one of the United States’ biggest wartime blunders. Aside from the Vietnam War, you will also find links to wartime histories in Nazi Germany, World War I and World War II, and the Cold War.

The Ancient History Encyclopedia is another excellent online resource for learning about past war campaigns across history. Their page about Roman Warfare,, features detailed explanations and profiles of various Roman battles and conflicts. You will also see links to separate pages on the biggest, bloodiest Roman battles such as the Battle of Cannae in 216 BCE, Battle of the Romans and Barbarians in 250-260 CE, and the campaign of Caesar versus the Helvetii in 58 BC.

Greece is known for its invaluable contributions to literature, politics, science, and culture, but Greece was also a major military power in its heyday. On, you will find a wealth of information on the war chronicles of Greece, from the Greco-Persian Wars and the epic battle between Athens and Sparta, the Peloponnesian War.

You should also look at TIME Magazine’s online portal on Iraq,,28757,1967340,00.html. This timeline shows the events of the seven years of the Iraq War starting in 2003, complete with photos, videos and accounts.

The great thing about doing online research is you can use your wwwhotmail account page to e-mail bloggers, writers, or site administrators if you have any questions about the content you have seen.

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Which War Movies Should You Watch With Your Kids?

warmoviesParents understandably have different opinions and limitations on whether their children should be allowed to watch war movies. Some parents elect not to allow their kids to watch any war-related films at all, presumably because of the violence and the mature subject matter often depicted. Others see age-appropriate war movies as an opportunity to talk to children about the effects of war and how it has shaped history.

Whatever your views are about kids and films that depict war, most parents will agree that not all of these flicks are appropriate for all ages, and a sensitivity to your child’s comprehension and ability to process visual images of death, suffering, and conflict need to be taken into consideration. As kids get older and become more mature, you can guide them into a sensible appreciation of this genre as well as the realities being presented.

Here are some wartime films you can consider watching with your kids:


  • War Horse. This film is great for children and tweens because the battle scenes are not as bloody or violent. Rather, the focus is on the horse Joey and the teenage owner Albert who find themselves in different wartime circumstances during the First World War. Click here for a synopsis of this dramatic movie.
  • The Great Escape. This classic war film is a lot less violent than many modern war flicks, so it is a good introduction for children and tweens. Youngsters will learn about teamwork, perseverance, and resourcefulness as the soldiers work together and combine whatever skills they have to be able to escape from captivity in a German prison.
  • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. This movie set in World War II shows the unexpected friendship between Bruno, an eight-year-old boy and son of a German commandant at a concentration camp, and his Jewish counterpart Shmuel who lives inside the camp. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas veers away from WWII battle scenes and focuses instead on the Jewish persecution during the Holocaust, but it does have a potentially disturbing theme that is more appropriate for older children or teens.
  • Europa Europa. Another World War II film showing how the young lived at the time, this tells the story of a German Jew who pretends to be an Aryan German and becomes part of the Nazi army. He witnesses many of the atrocities against Jews and minorities during the Holocaust. This film won a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film. It is suitable for older children and teenagers.
  • Empire of the Sun. In this movie, young British boy Jamie lives with his parents in Shanghai, China when World War II breaks out. He becomes separated from his parents during the chaos that ensues when the Japanese invade Shanghai, and fends for himself by foraging for food in abandoned houses until he is taken in by the Japanese. There are many adventure and fight scenes, but overall this is a film you will be able to watch with young kids without much problems. As an extra treat, you will get to see much younger actors Christian Bale, John Malkovich, Ben Stiller, and Miranda Richardson. Empire of the Sun received many nominations and awards for the actors and the film itself.


War movies are a popular genre so they are quite easy to find. You can call the Comcast number here to get assistance on which movies are showing on demand, or to get an update on your cable channel line-up and what new offerings are available.

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The US Navy’s Boat Drones Can Swarm Enemy Attackers

unmanned military boatsDuring a recent Navy exercise, there were boats that were unmanned such as rigid hulled inflatable boat that swarmed a simulated enemy without being controlled by humans. While they are not fairly sharks with laser beams connected to their heads, US Navy’s fleet on unmanned military boats can still cause quite a scare.

According to Office of the Naval Research, these boats can guard US ships and autonomously surround enemy vessels. The Navy tested the systems successfully for over two weeks in the month of august this year on James River in Virginia.

“Our sailors cannot fight tomorrow’s battle using old fashioned technology, this kind of innovation is as a result of navy’s long term support for innovative research when it comes to science and technology” said Matthew Klunder who is chief of Naval Research.

Control Architecture for Robot Agent Support and Sensing (CARACaS) technology is part of portable kit that can easily be installed on almost every boat, allowing it to operate without the control of a human. They work by surrounding an enemy’s ship or protect one of the Navy’s own vessel. “However, any weapon coming from the unmanned boat requires a human sailor’s authorization” ONR officials said.

“These sea drones can perform some of the most dangerous tasks that are currently done by manned vessels keeping marines and sailors out of harm. In addition, unmanned boats are less expensive to operate when compared to the manned ones.” Navy officials said.

The swarm demonstrations were held a few weeks before terrorists attack on the navy’s USS Cole anniversary, which took place off the coast of Yemen on October 2000. In the attack, a small boat with explosives, guided missile destroyer killing 17 sailors and injured 39 others.

“Independent swarm boats might have been able to prevent such an attack if Cole was supported by autonomous USVs. They could have stopped that attack before it could get close to our brave men and women who were on board.” Klunder said.

Top 5 Military War Books Of All Times

warthemedbooksMany of today’s seniors have lived through many of the great wars of a few decades ago, so they are particularly interested in films, television programs, books, and other media and pop culture depictions of wartime history. Specifically, veterans love to share their experiences in military service to their grandchildren, nephews, and nieces. They may call the youngsters and their family members and share with them their personal anecdotes by simply calling them using one of the best cell phone for seniors shown here.

Additionally, seniors can relive their wartime experiences or share them with family members by recommending military-themed books that have become popular because of how they vividly and accurately portray the great wars of yesteryears.  Here is a good article which looks back on the history of war-themed books and military fiction. These war books are also important reminders of the tragedies and horrors of war, something that is definitely needed in this day and age when conflicts still go on in many parts of the world.

Continue reading

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How High Tech Weapons Technology Proliferation Occurs

high tech weaponsThere have been lots of useful technological advancement in the past years, from technology inventors; we now have cell phones, computers, MP3 players and more. You cannot deny that most of us indulge in the entertainment and convenience that these gadgets provide. It is sad to think that we invest lots of money just to be able to buy these gadgets but we fail to consider high tech weapons. If you would like to know how nuclear proliferation has occurred historically, then you need to read on.

Many of us love it when we hear about some of the latest phones, computers, and any other form of technology. We spend time enjoying what these technological devices have to offer when enjoying the finest beer, with alcohol or not, with friends. Others spend time tasting the latest beers from all over the world after subscribing online with the use of technology. What we do not understand is the danger that this technology possess when it comes to our internal security as a country.

Of course it not only nuclear weapons proliferation that we should be more concerned about. We need to be also concerned with chemical and biochemical weapons and the future of weapons such as weather control, though control, and anti-gravity weapons. All of these things will be dealing with the future to come. What about all the present high tech weapons such as:
• Stealth fighter planes
• Ultra quiet submarine
• Scram-jet propulsion
• Cyber warfare technologies
• Stealth health fighter planes

It is amazing how quick advancement in technology is falling into the hands of rogue nations as well as enemies. It is also amazing how difficult it is to keep a secret in the world with the online social networks, computer systems, and the internet. In fact, no secret is safe. For this reason, any weapon we create, enemies ends up getting the information and so we need to create our own weapons with the use of offensive weapon technology before they are released to the military.
Okay, let’s now talk about unmanned aerial vehicles and the future unmanned stealth fighter planes as well as attack air-crafts. There was an interesting article on press TV that Israel forbids Brazil to sell UAVs to air-crafts to Venezuela. It turns out that Israel sold UAVs to Brazil to help them with surveillance and to stop drug trafficking as well.

Well, if Brazil shares UAV technology with Venezuela, Venezuela and Iran are very close and this can be fatal. We know for the fact that technology for aircraft, missile, and other weapons has already been exchanged. Therefore, we should also assume that nuclear technology that Iran has is also shared with Venezuela.

It is so unfortunate for Israel because they were trying to help Brazil with drug trafficking and if Venezuela gets hold of that technology, it will definitely be given to Iran and they will give it to Hezbolla where they will use it to attack Jewish state. These things happen every time. It happened to the US and has also happened to Israel before.

Missile defense shields which defend one nation can end up being in the hands of our enemies, which might make it hard for us to reciprocate when attacked. Hopefully, you will consider this in deep thought.

Exceptional Browning Machine Guns Used In World War Two

Browning machine gunI love reading historical books when I get some free time out of my busy schedule. Although some people find them boring, I absolutely love reading them and I actually have a library of historical books in my house. Last week as I was wondering what to read, I remembered a book I had bought but hadn’t even turned a page. I decided to read it but not before I had prepared dinner.

Once I get down reading, I do not like interruptions, so I prefer doing all the duties first then settling down to read my book without rushing. I quickly fixed some fish with herbs I got form my mom’s kitchen. I love herbs and that the reason I got an herb grinder to make my work easier when I want to cook. My juice blender also comes in handy every night because I love homemade juice. After a quick meal, I got down to business-reading my book.
It was an historical book about the invention of Browning machine guns. They were invented by John Browning and they were used in World War 1 and 2 and even later.
Here is a selection of my most favorite.


This was a machine gun that was cooled using water, with a recoil action which used fabric belt and was loaded with .30-06 cartridges. It was mainly used in World War 1 and it lasted until the Korean War. It was categorized as a heavy machine gun and it could fire about 450 to 600 rounds per minute depending on the model.


Categorized as a light machine gun, the BAR, (Browning machine gun) was used by one soldier at a time. It was operated by gas and it used .30-60 cartridge. This gun could easily fire 300 to 600 rounds per minute using a 20 round magazine. It also had a 1,500 yard range. However, this depended on what model of gun was being used.


Categorized as a medium machine gun, it could fire a .30-60 cartridge. It was an air cooled machine gun, fed through a belt and was recoil operated. It could easily fire 400-600 rounds per minute. This machine gun was usually mounted on different military equipment. It was used for several purposes such as infantry, aircraft and also as an anti-aircraft weapon. It had a very effective range of 1,500 yards.

M2.50 Caliber

This was similar in design, function and use to the M1919. However, the cartridge used was.50 instead of .30. It was known as a very heavy machine gun that could fire 485 to 1200 rounds in a minute. It used a short recoil operating mechanism and it was fed with a belt system. It was first used in World War 2 and its still used up to date. It has a very effective range of more than 2,100 yards and a maximum range of 7,400 yards.
There are so many types of guns that have been mentioned in this book, but I think the above are my favorite. What other Browning machine guns do you know about?

A Journey Back In Time

veterancommemoratesIt was a lovely day. The light breeze blew gently on his coat, just enough to make his hair stand on his head. Walking along the concrete, he wanted to feel it barefoot – so he removed his shoes and started his scroll down the pier. Who would have thought he would be in this place again, the same one that he used to dream of every night, and see it very differently? A lot has changed over the past fifty years – that much is sure.

For retired Lieutenant General Samuel Cooper, this is no ordinary harbor. Five decades ago he spent time here on this very soil, just before the enemy country launched an attack. Sacrificing his life for the nation was considered heroic, even back then, but it wasn’t as if he joined the military for the glory.

“Every man aged 16 to 64 was required to register for the draft. We were supposed to pick up arms. We were scared and nervous, but we didn’t let that faze us. No one admitted just how frightened he was of the prospect of fighting, but of course, each of us knew that”, Cooper admits. Although the youth of today may not feel the emotional weight of the whole draft experience, they can at least look back to what happened during the military draft by reading this article.

Most of them were after all, boys who just turned into young men, catapulted into the war. These citizen soldiers were what the country needed to raise, train and turn into a military force. Once they arrived at the training camps, their lives were completely changed. To defend the country they hold dear, they had to adapt to the military way of living, which included routine inspection, strict military conduct, and combat training meant to push their physical limits. Individuality and uniqueness were stripped away in a place with identical haircuts, uniform and equipment. Privacy was a luxury they didn’t have.

The attack came as a surprise to the force, even though they had received early warnings of an approaching threat. Aside from the poor communications between the parties involved, no one believed that the enemy country had enough forces and equipment to launch an attack that large-scale. That was the start of the war.

Most of his comrades had died in that attack. Those who had survived went on be assigned in different stations – both in the state and nationwide. Not many had lived to see the country gain peace. The war had not been easy, and those who had survived had lost more than what can be said. Many have silently suffered from long term psychological effects like PTSD which symptoms were thoroughly discussed here.

Three year’s worth of memories came back to him in such an overwhelming rush; Cooper didn’t even notice how many hours he had been spent at that shore. At seventy-three, his strength isn’t what it used to be. Though it has been fun to reminisce, he knows it’s time to return to the rest house.

He is thankful that his grandson and son-in-law are there to pick him up. They knew that he needed time to take in the scenery and process his memories, but they were just nearby in case he needed to leave early. After spending three hours there, he’s gotten as much as he could from that port.

As they drive home in their reliable truck, he again remembers how much this place had meant to him. He never thought he would be back again, but this was good, because he had gotten the closure he didn’t know he needed. They almost never would have arrived here too, because of certain car troubles they experienced on the road. It was a good thing they found the list of nearby Tires Plus Locations on this page when they did a quick search on the Internet.

As the breeze gently caresses his face, he is glad he came back. Cooper knows it’s a kind of liberation to see it once more, at a completely different time and from a different point of view.

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Worst Military Weapons In The History Of Modern War

Davy Crockett Nuclear MortarI love reading anything about the military after I have had a relaxing dip in the water. I work from home so after a relaxing swim in my above the ground pool, I get a good book , sit down and enjoy reading . Sometimes though, I am not able to have my regular swim because my pool water gets cloudy. This means I have to stop everything I am doing and attend to it first. But that does not happen often. Recently I have been reading about the worst military weapons in the history of modern war. History is full of so many bad weapons that have actually gone into battle. Although these weapons pose a danger to the people that use them, there is something humorous about them. Here are my top 3 picks for the worst military weapons in the history of modern war.

Davy Crockett Nuclear Mortar

Of all the weapons, I believe this is the worst weapon ever created. This was a nuclear mortar that was very inaccurate. The bombs were the size of a medium sized dog but they were full of explosion equal to 15 tons of TNT. The biggest concern was that it spilled a very lethal amount of radiation on everything that was within a quarter mile radius of the blast. This device would have given soviets an excuse to use nuclear weapons, if they hadn’t already. This nuclear device was under the control of only three individuals in a jeep. However, these soldiers could not fire and drive away fast enough to avoid a dose of severe radiation on themselves.

Russian Tsar Tank

The first tanks to hit the battle fields of WW1 mostly suffered from different types of technical issues. Most of them really struggled to find a balance between speed, armaments and balance, a huge problem that combats faced since the war begun. During the war time period, mechanical failures often stopped tanks just as many times as enemy fire. The internal combustion engine had just been around for a few years.
Tanks were threatening to give an advantage over other war weapons and turn the war tide. Engineers had to come up with innovations fast and rush ideas for productions were made. Unfortunately, the wrong person was asked in Russia to design a tank. What the Russians ended up with was an underpowered and vulnerable tank. Actually the project was scrapped before it made its way to the battle field. The tank could only fire straight forward. If it fired right or left without turning around, it would damage its own wheels.


This was a German WW1 weapon. This weapon was extremely heavy and it could not be carried by one man and it was still difficult for even two men to carry it. The weapon was very volatile that just a simple pump could easily explode it. It was very big making it an easy target that could easily be knocked out. In case crews were captured, they could easily be killed because of the nature of the weapon they were carrying. It was extremely impossible for the German crews to sneak up on anyone while carrying such a bulky object.
As you can see, no sane man would want to be the one operating such kind of weapons. But these were weapons that had to be used for war, and soldiers had to operate them. In addition to the dangers of these weapons, some used very expensive fluids to operate efficiently.

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Some of the Most Advanced Military Weapons World

weaponsToday’s world has progressed in almost every field, and most especially when we talk about science and technology, it is clear the progress that humans have made is just amazing. As a result of this, technology has greatly progressed and it is doing wonders even in the military. Each and every day, we are learning about advancement in military weapons. Some of the most incredible weapons have been invented that are of high caliber and are already in use. This article seeks to talk about military weapons which are best in the world at the moment:

1. Joint striker fighter
Undoubtedly, this is the most advanced weapon used in the military. When this awesome plane was fully operational after passing all security measures, it will definitely be the most dangerous weapon. This weapon will not only replace the existing fighter planes but will also be a benefit to every army in the world, who will be privileged to be equipped with this fighter. Currently, only a few armies are equipped with it which includes U.K, U.S, Canada, Netherlands, and Australia.

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2. Virginia Class Submarine
This is an advanced military weapon in the current world. It is a sub-marine which is somehow like a nuclear type. Its total cost spent during its production is about 83.7 billion US dollars. Moreover 7.2 billion dollars was used during its research as well as development. This sub-marine is tagged as the most advanced submarine in the world. Its total length is 377 feet and it weighs 7,800 tones. In total, there are about 38 different weapons on board and they include some of the most advanced ones.

3. Trident II missile
This is a ballistic missile that was launched from a submarine and it is known a trident missile. This weapon is equipped with numerous independent and re-entry targetable vehicles. A whopping 52.2 billion US dollars was spent in its research and manufacture. It has been developed by the landlocked martin and it is the most important weapon in the US Navy. Its total length is 44 feet and it has an approximate eight of 80 tones. One of the best things about this missile is the fact that it can ravel at a speed of 13,000 miles per hour.

4. P-8A Poseidon
This is another advanced military weapon that you should know about. This aircraft is being used in the military and has been developed by the US Navy. It is the under water defense, security, and space which has been responsible for the design purpose of this weapon. There are other types of missiles and weapons on board which makes it suitable to fit into this category.

Military weapons have really advanced and with the current advancement in the technology, it is obvious that we will have more spectacular military weapons in the future.


The most incredible space weapons

Space weaponsWeapons in space seem like science fiction, but they have been creeping closer towards science fact. The U.S may have proposed space weapon ban, but other states are actively researching military strength in high frontier. Below are some of the most incredible space weapons ever:

1. Missile
The ability to destroy man-made satellites in orbit around the earth has already been demonstrated in china where they used an anti-satellite device against their own weather satellites. US also shot down crippled spy satellite with a sea based missile in 2008. India has said that they will develop similar capabilities. Being a military means that you will have to learn how to use various weapons. However, after your term in the military ends, you do not have to feel useless. You can choose to be a truck driver since it is a good job. To more about how much truck drivers make a year, offers more info about truck driving and you will be able to make a more informed decision.

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This is a device that uses electromagnets to shoot a stream of metal that is molten at a high speed towards the enemy target. The defense advanced research projects agency is already working on one with an aggressively sounding name of MEHEM. This device is used by military to fight against enemies in the most effective way.

This directed energy weapon uses lasers, particle beams, and high powered microwaves. Projects that were in development by US had names like active denial system, airborne laser, and the tactical high energy laser (THEL). This is a great weapon used by the military on the space.

4. Cosmic satellites
Home grown Nano satellite and microsatellite technologies are being used by various nations, and are mostly used in the military. In one of US department of defense report, china was said to have developed and tested an ASAT system with the use of parasitic microsatellite. Apparently, the device is said to have been a small satellite that was designed to attach itself to other satellites to damage or destroy them.

5. Manipulating an orbiting asteroid
Could be an orbiting steroid be manipulated to destroy an enemy target on earth? This is possible but according to a RAND think-tank report, it is not an efficient way of battling. More effort is required to get such results than the way it was employed to develop the first atomic bomb during Manhattan project in World War II.

6. High altitude weapons
With the use of electromagnetic energy, high altitude weapons can destroy and disrupt electrical and electronic devices, causing electromagnetic radiation burst to produce voltage and current surges. These bursts are usually associated with nuclear explosions but scientists have recently produced non-nuclear EMP’s. The development of small e-bombs poses significant terrorist threat against airplanes.

Deploying nuclear bombs in outer space seems as if it is a natural goal of the military. In fact, in the 1950’s, US air force planned to explode a nuclear bomb on the moon. Their effort dubbed missile ICBM carrying a nuclear warhead that have the capability to reach the moon. Fortunately, the man in the moon’s life was spare.

With the current advancement in the technology, more and more space weapons will be produced. This is because terrorism has increased and the army in all over the world want to be ready and able to fight terror or any other state threat when the need be.

Why Visit Historical War Sites?

war site.jpgWar has always been a sensitive topic to most people. It is not an experience that the survivors look back fondly upon. There are more horror stories that one can bear to hear. In war, a single person is reduced to a statistic. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your life was or how many lives you’ve affected – when you die in war, you’re just a single casualty among thousands more. Why then are historical war sites very popular? If people don’t want to relive the hardship they’ve undergone, why go back to the place where it happened?

There is no one answer to these questions, but there are several reasons to go visit these sites. As with any trip, it could be fun when you go with your loved ones, but there are also places you will benefit more if you go alone.

One of the best reasons to go visit these sites is to celebrate the end of these wars, and the results achieved. No one really wins in a war – with the high death toll and low citizen morale, but there are reasons why the wars started. In the United States, sites of the Civil War have been extremely popular for tourists and locals alike. After the four years of this war, with over seven hundred thousand dead, slavery was abolished.

In going back to these sites, you can honor the memories of those who have sacrificed their lives and help in the reconstruction of America. The end of the war signified a new dawn on the States, and that, in itself, is reason enough to memorialize this event.

Another reason to go back to these sites is to remember what happened. After all, it is in looking back at the past that we avoid repeating the same mistakes for the future. World War II sites all over Europe have been turned into museums and memorials that can be visited. Remembering how it all started will help in analyzing the steps made and how they affected the people.

Going to these sites is one of the best ways to learn about one’s history. In some of these places you can actually participate in a recreation of scenes in the war. In others, just being in the place and actually getting to do what the locals did at the time are memorable experiences worthy of trying.

Tours are often provided in some places. Though they may be a bit expensive, a guided excursion to the place will be more educational. You can drive your Jeep equipped with a Jeep bikini top, as seen here, around the historical war sites, if the ground rules allow. It would be an ideal way to see the site since it will provide just the right amount of breeze without the extreme heat and you’ll get to see the view without any obstruction.

Wars are unarguably dark periods for mankind that has affected the lives of the citizens of the country it happened in. Yet years after the end of the wars, people have often found inspiration in going to the original sites of these incidents. These museums and memorials have been built to commemorate these important historical events.

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The Best Military And War Films Of All Time

warmovies.jpgMilitary and war films have always been among the most popular among moviegoers, not only because of the action sequences and explosions but also because so many of us are connected in some way to military servicemen, whether it is through grandparents who served in past wars, or current family members who are stationed in military outposts overseas. Over time, war movies have also evolved with the times and have usually become showcases of the very latest in filmmaking technology.

On the Web, many film sites have put out their lists of the best and the most popular military movies of all time. Most are, of course, subjective and based on different opinions and preferences, but will give you an idea of which war films have consistently been among the most critically-acclaimed and well-loved in this genre. What is interesting to note is that even though the war genre is known for action and lots of battle scenes, explosions, and other fighting sequences and imagery, the ones that stand out are those that have a special emotional appeal that resonates with moviegoers.

Take Saving Private Ryan, for instance. This film, headlined by Tom Hanks, is almost always among the top military and war films of all time. Released in 1998, it was among the most violent and goriest films of that year’s Oscar contenders. Yet audiences seemed to appreciate the drama and emotional appeal of this tale of the search for the only surviving brother among four siblings. Steven Spielberg’s epic 2-hour film eventually took home the Oscar, and remains a classic to this day.

If you lived through the Vietnam War, you may be drawn to favorites such as Oliver Stone’s Platoon (starring Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, and Willem Dafoe) or Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket. Both films have been credited for their gritty, realistic depictions of the horrors of the Vietnam War, and delve into the humanity and dehumanization that went on both on and off the battlefields.

Younger audiences may very well have Black Hawk Down on their lists of favorite military movies. The film was released in 2001, and headlined by Josh Hartnett, Ewan McGregor and Eric Bana. While critical reviews have been mixed, audience reaction to this film has been generally positive. It seems there is something about military films that deal with brotherhood and not leaving anyone behind strikes a familiar chord with audiences regardless of what their political affiliations are and how they feel about war.

Films about World War II are among the most plentiful, and you may want to look into titles such as Tora! Tora! Tora!, The Dirty Dozen, Letters From Iwo Jima,The Big Red One, and The Bridge On The River Kwai. Of course, also on many people’s lists of favorite military films is Good Morning, Vietnam starring the late Robin Williams, a comedy about a radio jock stationed in Saigon during the Vietnam War.

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Cool Military Aircrafts I Love Flying When I Am On Duty

helicopterI love being in the military and enjoy each and every day of it. It’s not everyday that is fun, but most of the time; it’s a love affair for me. I am a military pilot and boy! Oh boy! Don’t I love the adrenaline rush I get soaring up in skies? The experience is truly heavenly. I would not trade my military career for anything in this world…Well save for my kids!
Anytime I get in the cockpit, I feel like I have achieved my mission here on earth. I give it my best shot even when flying over war torn areas. Before I take off, I make sure I am well hydrated and fill my water bottle with some water to sip on during the flight. This helps me fight fatigue because sometimes, I can fly for so many hours without any stop over. I also ensure I have my nice sleeping bag, which my mother bought me as a Christmas gift, the helicopter because as an army pilot, the plane has to sometimes land in forests. This ensures I get some good night sleep when that happens. After my so many years of being a military pilot, I know what kind of helicopter works for me and some of the best models of all time. I have flown in so many of them, but here are some of my favorites.

The Grumman F-14 Tomcat

The Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a hunter. It can easily track its targets simultaneously because it’s constructed with an advanced control system and can attack with missiles while still scanning the airspace at the same time. It’s a supersonic, two seats, twinjet and a variable sweeping wing fighter helicopter. This was one of the first of America’s twin teen series that were designed to include the Americas Vietnam air war experience into a new generation of jet fighters.

McDonnell-Douglas F/A-18 Hornet

Now known as Boeing, this is a twin engine multifunctional tactical aircraft fit for many missions. It was first introduced in 1978, after replacing the F-4 Phantom. It is capable of performing both fighter and attack missions. It can survive all kinds of weather conditions never letting anyone down. It was designed for attacking targets on the ground, dog fighting, and providing a closer air support during the day and night.

The Bell AH-1W SuperCobra

This is a twin engine attack helicopter that is almost similar to the US army’s AH-1 Cobra. It is designed to perform at its optimum during the day and night in any kind of weather. It is designed to provide escort for helicopters that have been assaulted and their embarked forces. The Bell AH-1W SuperCobra is great for both land and sea operations and it provides support during both ashore and offshore operations.

Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion

This aircraft is designed and built by the Sikorsky aircraft. It has a very strong engine that makes it able to lift easily can be fueled while still on the move making it one of the best aircrafts during raids. Its sponsons are enlarged providing a higher storage area for fuel and endurance. It is meant for carrying of supplies and materials from the land or sea. It has a supersonic speed and agility.
I have flown so many aircrafts in my military career, but these are some of the best machines I have handled. Their unique characters make me want to always get in the cockpit any time I am on duty.

A Military Grade Vehicle in your Garage: Jeep Brute

My AEV Jeep Brute.

My AEV Jeep Brute.

To get away from the grind of daily life, I try and get in touch with nature. It releases stress, provides fresh air, and helps me get away from all the worries and problems experienced in my everyday life. However, being one with nature can also be a bit of a walk on the wild side. Having a vehicle that’s powerful (military grade) and rugged enough to stand up to all the challenges that nature can throw at you, is no small feat. Enter my Jeep Brute.

Whether you’re trekking, camping, hiking, or fishing, you can be sure that you would do so in an area that’s pretty much inaccessible to normal urban vehicles. These areas are usually overly muddy or rocky, and the roads, close to non-existent. When you drive a Jeep Brute, you won’t need to find a road: you make your own!

There are several features that my Jeep Brute boasts that make it ideal for off-roading:

  • Four-Wheel Drive

You never have to worry about getting stuck in the mud again! The powerful engine of the Jeep Brute can handle almost any terrain, and you can almost cruise on rough terrain as if you’re driving in the city.

  • Wide Visibility

The design of the Jeep Brute allows you to see all around you, so you can see all surrounding obstacles while you drive.

  • Large Wheels Designed for Off-Roading

The large wheels are designed to handle slippery, uneven, or hard-to-grip surfaces, so you never have to worry about getting your wheels stuck. The surfaces of the wheels are also designed to stand up to rough surfaces, and are very hard to puncture.

  • Large Storage Space

There is a flatbed so that you can keep all your outdoor gear safe and sound, no matter where you go.

  • Strong, Durable Materials

The Jeep Brute truly lives up to its name when it comes to its building materials! It is made from a mixture of S-glass (the toughest fiberglass on the market), Kevlar, aluminum, and carbon. When you’re inside, you can be sure that you’re safe and sound, protected from the elements, and even any wild animals you may encounter.

  • 5-Speed Automatic Transmission

If you have a hard time driving, no problem: this vehicle will do all the driving for you! It comes with an automatic transmission, with 5-speeds that will allow you to maximize the power that this Jeep offers.

With the Jeep Brute, you get the ultimate wilderness companion, one that carries all your gear without a problem, and will handle even the roughest terrain without issue. Also, you can’t discount the rugged factor that this Jeep gives you.  Driving this baby around my city: you better believe - all eyes on me. You’ll feel like a rough and tumble outdoorsman, even if your day job is in an air-conditioned office somewhere. Once the weekend rolls in, put that tie and suitcase away, grab your outdoor gear, and fire up a Jeep Brute.

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Military Life is Fun, Contrary to what most People Think

Living life as a military is not as bad as many people perceive it. Military life is in fact one of the most stable ones although you can become nomadic with your living situations. However, military life is obviously not for everyone which is why there are programs such as recruitment and basic training that enables chief officers determine those individuals that are ready to join the military, and the ones that are not suitable for that life.

Military_life Military life demands a lot from soldiers and everyone who inspires to join in knows that it is a strenuous position. However, it is also full of rewards and those who are in the military love their job. Military love for their country keeps them going for they are always proud of their nation and ready to serve and defend it always.

Benefits of being in military:

Even as a good number of people believe that military lifestyle is not worth living, there are those who understand the benefits of joining military and aspire to join in. For some people, joining military is a means of paying for their college education. This is because military can help you on your education if you are an active member with substantial amount of military hours on record. Some men and women join military because they know even after leaving military they will have something to live on.

1. Vacation time

Military members get their annual vacation time. While some employers give their employees a few days off or even a week vacation time each year, military grants soldiers’ at least one month which means that they can plan long trips with family and friends.

2. Golf courses and tournaments

Majority of individuals enjoy spending a day out on a golf course as it is a great way to escape from anxieties and stress of the military life. For this reason, it is easy to find golf courses on military bases to help them have fun when in the military.

3. Recreational facilities

There are numerous recreational facilities in the military bases. Military families can go to these facilities together and experience fun activities, events and functions together. In majority of military bases, there is a specific center set aside for youths to mingle with other military children on the base. Sports and other social events are planned and sponsored by these centers where they have calendars to keep track of the activities to be held each year.

4. Social functions and events

Majority of these functions are primarily for soldiers and their spouses. They are usually designed to serve as a reward and recognition ceremony or a farewell party for the high ranking officers. At these events, soldiers are exposed to numerous types of rum to try as they have fun. There are also other events held for the entire families which are in most cases holiday themed parties and seasonal picnics. In such events, there is beer that doesn’t have alcohol as well as other types of beer to fit everyone in attendance.

Even as military life is fun, we cannot ignore the fact that it can affect families of those in the military, spouses, and even children. This is because soldiers are usually moved around in the country or from one country to another which can be very tough on relationships. However, many families that are part of the military life feels that they belong to a close knit community and a family within one another. They understand the responsibility that comes with being in the military and they enjoy life all the same.


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Bizarre weapons used in the Second World War

War veteransThe Second World War was an experience I would never forget in history. This is a war that saw many countries that were in the war to bring out their best fighting equipment and their well trained armies to the battle field. There were thousands of cutting edge and even weird weapons, most of which became popular after the war ended. On the other hand, there were other weapons that were also considered to be used in the war but they were never put into use.
Here are some bizarre weapons used in the war

Exploding rats

After France was defeated in the war, Winston Churchill swore to set Europe on fire. To achieve this, British secret agents were given disguised explosive devices that looked like shoes, bottles, suitcases and even rats!

Sovient Anti-tank dogs

This were dogs that were initially trained to carry bombs to specific targets ,release the bomb and return back to its operator but this never worked. They then decided to use a much easy strategy of simply blowing up the dog when it got to its target with the bomb.

Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka Attack Plane

This was a Japanese air plane that had a very huge piloted bomb. The aircraft was rocket propelled; only designed particularly for Kamikaze attacks. During the attack, the Ohka would be carried and a pilot would release bullets towards the targets.

Gustav Rail Cannons

This was a big gun and the Nazis had a thing for big guns. It was one of the largest cannons ever produced in the world and it had to be carried in different pieces, assembled and then mounted, a procedure that needed about 4,000 men! The Gustav fired very strong shots that were enough to demolish an ammunitions dump that was protected by a 30m rock.
As a war veteran, I know a lot about the above war weapons but I am now retired. After staying home for a long time and getting bored, I decided to look for a job in a restaurant that is near my home to keep an active lifestyle. This is because I also needed some extra source of income to maintain my normal lifestyle. I love living large, and my pension could not afford me that. I send them my server resume and surprisingly I got a job in the restaurant. Click here to read more about a good server resume.

Being a server is a totally different experience from working in the military. I get to meet hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds with different needs. I love this job since each day is a unique experience and I always look forward to the next day. I have even formed lasting relationships from this job. One family that frequently visits our restaurant has become one of my close friends and they occasionally visit me at home when I am not working. Recently, they got a baby and are looking for a great nanny with a good nanny resume since the parents all work and need somebody to help with the baby.
Occasionally, I visit the museum to see some of the Second World War weapons that have been preserved. It reminds me of those days of being in the army, and I am happy that I made part of history.

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