Coolest military tank and fighting flight in war world 2

World war two witnessed the use of various cutting edge weapons, some of which became very famous later on. It is quite difficult to compile a list of some of the coolest military tank and fighting flight in war. However, below are some of the tanks and aircraft’s that deserve a mention.


JagdpantherThis is a literal German translation meaning Hunting Panther. It was manufactured by the Germans during the Second World War. Although it was used later in the war, the Jagdpanther showed action on both the Western and Eastern fonts. It has a very heavy fire tank of (8.8 cm Kwk 43 cannon), integrated with a Panther chassis. Most historians consider this tank as one of the top tank destroyers of the world war two. Continue reading

Cool rifles used in the Second World War

Cool rifles used in the Second World War

M1 Garnd variations

The Second World War led to the production of more advanced military firearms. These rifles were a game changer in the war and made hyperbole an understatement. The weapons were used by most soldiers in the battle with a great degree of cruelty and hatred. How else can history explain the death of millions?
The rifles brought a change in the warfront. They were used in areas of defense, tactics and mobility. Check out our top picks of cool rifles used in the Second World War.

M1 Garand

This is one of the most notorious rifles of world war two, and it’s one of the most significant weapons ever used. This gun brought a revolution in combat due to its semi automatic and self loading feature which enabled it to fire out several rounds quickly and effectively. It was first developed by John C. Garand and was mainly used by the American forces. It was gas operated and was loaded with an 8 clip .30 caliber cartridge. It had a very accurate sight and was not affected by weather changes. It was a simple machine yet efficient. The butt had swabs, cleaning rods and brush.

Type 99 Arisaka

This rifle was mainly used by the Japanese army during the Second World War. The Arisaka had bolt action which was great for long range and could easily take down airplanes. This rifle was manufactured with a “mum”-name of the emperor- and was only on rifles that were used in action. It had the ability to carry a 30 caliber bullet.


This was first used by German forces. Kar98 was the action rifle used by the axis armies. It was a very accurate and reliable rifle with a range of 500 meters. It could fire a Mauser catridge. This mean rifle was issued by the Wehrmach.

SVT 40

This was a semi automatic rifle that was produced by the Sovient Union in 1935. It was a gas operated machine and had a 10 round magazine which could be detached. Those soldiers who used it attached it with a telescopic scope.

Mosin Nagant

The Mosin Nagat saw a lot of action during the Second World War especially between 1891 and 1960. This weapon was a favorite among the Russian military. It was a bolt action rifle and was among the mass produced weapons during the period. To clearly understand the efficiency of this cool rifle, wikpedia has some great illustrations.

M1 Carbine

The M1 Carbine was mainly used by the American forces during the Second World War. This was a semi automatic rifle which was mainly used by paratroopers. It was a very easy to carry rifle making it a favorite for front line forces.

Gewehr 43

This rifle was produced by the Germans and it was semi automatic. It was similar to the Russian and American semi auto rifles and it was quite reliable.

Major armies had equipped their infantry with most of the listed effective rifles during the war. The combination of rounds of magazines that could easily be held, dependable ammunition and an increased firing range made them cool weapons of war in the hands of well trained infantry. These rifles are some of the most significant weapons used in the Second World War and they performed extremely well, that is why they made their way to our list.