Coolest military tank and fighting flight in war world 2

World war two witnessed the use of various cutting edge weapons, some of which became very famous later on. It is quite difficult to compile a list of some of the coolest military tank and fighting flight in war. However, below are some of the tanks and aircraft’s that deserve a mention.


JagdpantherThis is a literal German translation meaning Hunting Panther. It was manufactured by the Germans during the Second World War. Although it was used later in the war, the Jagdpanther showed action on both the Western and Eastern fonts. It has a very heavy fire tank of (8.8 cm Kwk 43 cannon), integrated with a Panther chassis. Most historians consider this tank as one of the top tank destroyers of the world war two. Continue reading

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Cool Military Aircrafts I Love Flying When I Am On Duty

helicopterI love being in the military and enjoy each and every day of it. It’s not everyday that is fun, but most of the time; it’s a love affair for me. I am a military pilot and boy! Oh boy! Don’t I love the adrenaline rush I get soaring up in skies? The experience is truly heavenly. I would not trade my military career for anything in this world…Well save for my kids!
Anytime I get in the cockpit, I feel like I have achieved my mission here on earth. I give it my best shot even when flying over war torn areas. Before I take off, I make sure I am well hydrated and fill my water bottle with some water to sip on during the flight. This helps me fight fatigue because sometimes, I can fly for so many hours without any stop over. I also ensure I have my nice sleeping bag, which my mother bought me as a Christmas gift, the helicopter because as an army pilot, the plane has to sometimes land in forests. This ensures I get some good night sleep when that happens. After my so many years of being a military pilot, I know what kind of helicopter works for me and some of the best models of all time. I have flown in so many of them, but here are some of my favorites.

The Grumman F-14 Tomcat

The Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a hunter. It can easily track its targets simultaneously because it’s constructed with an advanced control system and can attack with missiles while still scanning the airspace at the same time. It’s a supersonic, two seats, twinjet and a variable sweeping wing fighter helicopter. This was one of the first of America’s twin teen series that were designed to include the Americas Vietnam air war experience into a new generation of jet fighters.

McDonnell-Douglas F/A-18 Hornet

Now known as Boeing, this is a twin engine multifunctional tactical aircraft fit for many missions. It was first introduced in 1978, after replacing the F-4 Phantom. It is capable of performing both fighter and attack missions. It can survive all kinds of weather conditions never letting anyone down. It was designed for attacking targets on the ground, dog fighting, and providing a closer air support during the day and night.

The Bell AH-1W SuperCobra

This is a twin engine attack helicopter that is almost similar to the US army’s AH-1 Cobra. It is designed to perform at its optimum during the day and night in any kind of weather. It is designed to provide escort for helicopters that have been assaulted and their embarked forces. The Bell AH-1W SuperCobra is great for both land and sea operations and it provides support during both ashore and offshore operations.

Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion

This aircraft is designed and built by the Sikorsky aircraft. It has a very strong engine that makes it able to lift easily can be fueled while still on the move making it one of the best aircrafts during raids. Its sponsons are enlarged providing a higher storage area for fuel and endurance. It is meant for carrying of supplies and materials from the land or sea. It has a supersonic speed and agility.
I have flown so many aircrafts in my military career, but these are some of the best machines I have handled. Their unique characters make me want to always get in the cockpit any time I am on duty.

A Military Grade Vehicle in your Garage: Jeep Brute

My AEV Jeep Brute.

My AEV Jeep Brute.

To get away from the grind of daily life, I try and get in touch with nature. It releases stress, provides fresh air, and helps me get away from all the worries and problems experienced in my everyday life. However, being one with nature can also be a bit of a walk on the wild side. Having a vehicle that’s powerful (military grade) and rugged enough to stand up to all the challenges that nature can throw at you, is no small feat. Enter my Jeep Brute.

Whether you’re trekking, camping, hiking, or fishing, you can be sure that you would do so in an area that’s pretty much inaccessible to normal urban vehicles. These areas are usually overly muddy or rocky, and the roads, close to non-existent. When you drive a Jeep Brute, you won’t need to find a road: you make your own!

There are several features that my Jeep Brute boasts that make it ideal for off-roading:

  • Four-Wheel Drive

You never have to worry about getting stuck in the mud again! The powerful engine of the Jeep Brute can handle almost any terrain, and you can almost cruise on rough terrain as if you’re driving in the city.

  • Wide Visibility

The design of the Jeep Brute allows you to see all around you, so you can see all surrounding obstacles while you drive.

  • Large Wheels Designed for Off-Roading

The large wheels are designed to handle slippery, uneven, or hard-to-grip surfaces, so you never have to worry about getting your wheels stuck. The surfaces of the wheels are also designed to stand up to rough surfaces, and are very hard to puncture.

  • Large Storage Space

There is a flatbed so that you can keep all your outdoor gear safe and sound, no matter where you go.

  • Strong, Durable Materials

The Jeep Brute truly lives up to its name when it comes to its building materials! It is made from a mixture of S-glass (the toughest fiberglass on the market), Kevlar, aluminum, and carbon. When you’re inside, you can be sure that you’re safe and sound, protected from the elements, and even any wild animals you may encounter.

  • 5-Speed Automatic Transmission

If you have a hard time driving, no problem: this vehicle will do all the driving for you! It comes with an automatic transmission, with 5-speeds that will allow you to maximize the power that this Jeep offers.

With the Jeep Brute, you get the ultimate wilderness companion, one that carries all your gear without a problem, and will handle even the roughest terrain without issue. Also, you can’t discount the rugged factor that this Jeep gives you.  Driving this baby around my city: you better believe - all eyes on me. You’ll feel like a rough and tumble outdoorsman, even if your day job is in an air-conditioned office somewhere. Once the weekend rolls in, put that tie and suitcase away, grab your outdoor gear, and fire up a Jeep Brute.

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Military Life is Fun, Contrary to what most People Think

Living life as a military is not as bad as many people perceive it. Military life is in fact one of the most stable ones although you can become nomadic with your living situations. However, military life is obviously not for everyone which is why there are programs such as recruitment and basic training that enables chief officers determine those individuals that are ready to join the military, and the ones that are not suitable for that life.

Military_life Military life demands a lot from soldiers and everyone who inspires to join in knows that it is a strenuous position. However, it is also full of rewards and those who are in the military love their job. Military love for their country keeps them going for they are always proud of their nation and ready to serve and defend it always.

Benefits of being in military:

Even as a good number of people believe that military lifestyle is not worth living, there are those who understand the benefits of joining military and aspire to join in. For some people, joining military is a means of paying for their college education. This is because military can help you on your education if you are an active member with substantial amount of military hours on record. Some men and women join military because they know even after leaving military they will have something to live on.

1. Vacation time

Military members get their annual vacation time. While some employers give their employees a few days off or even a week vacation time each year, military grants soldiers’ at least one month which means that they can plan long trips with family and friends.

2. Golf courses and tournaments

Majority of individuals enjoy spending a day out on a golf course as it is a great way to escape from anxieties and stress of the military life. For this reason, it is easy to find golf courses on military bases to help them have fun when in the military.

3. Recreational facilities

There are numerous recreational facilities in the military bases. Military families can go to these facilities together and experience fun activities, events and functions together. In majority of military bases, there is a specific center set aside for youths to mingle with other military children on the base. Sports and other social events are planned and sponsored by these centers where they have calendars to keep track of the activities to be held each year.

4. Social functions and events

Majority of these functions are primarily for soldiers and their spouses. They are usually designed to serve as a reward and recognition ceremony or a farewell party for the high ranking officers. At these events, soldiers are exposed to numerous types of rum to try as they have fun. There are also other events held for the entire families which are in most cases holiday themed parties and seasonal picnics. In such events, there is beer that doesn’t have alcohol as well as other types of beer to fit everyone in attendance.

Even as military life is fun, we cannot ignore the fact that it can affect families of those in the military, spouses, and even children. This is because soldiers are usually moved around in the country or from one country to another which can be very tough on relationships. However, many families that are part of the military life feels that they belong to a close knit community and a family within one another. They understand the responsibility that comes with being in the military and they enjoy life all the same.


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Bizarre weapons used in the Second World War

War veteransThe Second World War was an experience I would never forget in history. This is a war that saw many countries that were in the war to bring out their best fighting equipment and their well trained armies to the battle field. There were thousands of cutting edge and even weird weapons, most of which became popular after the war ended. On the other hand, there were other weapons that were also considered to be used in the war but they were never put into use.
Here are some bizarre weapons used in the war

Exploding rats

After France was defeated in the war, Winston Churchill swore to set Europe on fire. To achieve this, British secret agents were given disguised explosive devices that looked like shoes, bottles, suitcases and even rats!

Sovient Anti-tank dogs

This were dogs that were initially trained to carry bombs to specific targets ,release the bomb and return back to its operator but this never worked. They then decided to use a much easy strategy of simply blowing up the dog when it got to its target with the bomb.

Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka Attack Plane

This was a Japanese air plane that had a very huge piloted bomb. The aircraft was rocket propelled; only designed particularly for Kamikaze attacks. During the attack, the Ohka would be carried and a pilot would release bullets towards the targets.

Gustav Rail Cannons

This was a big gun and the Nazis had a thing for big guns. It was one of the largest cannons ever produced in the world and it had to be carried in different pieces, assembled and then mounted, a procedure that needed about 4,000 men! The Gustav fired very strong shots that were enough to demolish an ammunitions dump that was protected by a 30m rock.
As a war veteran, I know a lot about the above war weapons but I am now retired. After staying home for a long time and getting bored, I decided to look for a job in a restaurant that is near my home to keep an active lifestyle. This is because I also needed some extra source of income to maintain my normal lifestyle. I love living large, and my pension could not afford me that. I send them my server resume and surprisingly I got a job in the restaurant. Click here to read more about a good server resume.

Being a server is a totally different experience from working in the military. I get to meet hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds with different needs. I love this job since each day is a unique experience and I always look forward to the next day. I have even formed lasting relationships from this job. One family that frequently visits our restaurant has become one of my close friends and they occasionally visit me at home when I am not working. Recently, they got a baby and are looking for a great nanny with a good nanny resume since the parents all work and need somebody to help with the baby.
Occasionally, I visit the museum to see some of the Second World War weapons that have been preserved. It reminds me of those days of being in the army, and I am happy that I made part of history.

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Cool rifles used in the Second World War

Cool rifles used in the Second World War

M1 Garnd variations

The Second World War led to the production of more advanced military firearms. These rifles were a game changer in the war and made hyperbole an understatement. The weapons were used by most soldiers in the battle with a great degree of cruelty and hatred. How else can history explain the death of millions?
The rifles brought a change in the warfront. They were used in areas of defense, tactics and mobility. Check out our top picks of cool rifles used in the Second World War.

M1 Garand

This is one of the most notorious rifles of world war two, and it’s one of the most significant weapons ever used. This gun brought a revolution in combat due to its semi automatic and self loading feature which enabled it to fire out several rounds quickly and effectively. It was first developed by John C. Garand and was mainly used by the American forces. It was gas operated and was loaded with an 8 clip .30 caliber cartridge. It had a very accurate sight and was not affected by weather changes. It was a simple machine yet efficient. The butt had swabs, cleaning rods and brush.

Type 99 Arisaka

This rifle was mainly used by the Japanese army during the Second World War. The Arisaka had bolt action which was great for long range and could easily take down airplanes. This rifle was manufactured with a “mum”-name of the emperor- and was only on rifles that were used in action. It had the ability to carry a 30 caliber bullet.


This was first used by German forces. Kar98 was the action rifle used by the axis armies. It was a very accurate and reliable rifle with a range of 500 meters. It could fire a Mauser catridge. This mean rifle was issued by the Wehrmach.

SVT 40

This was a semi automatic rifle that was produced by the Sovient Union in 1935. It was a gas operated machine and had a 10 round magazine which could be detached. Those soldiers who used it attached it with a telescopic scope.

Mosin Nagant

The Mosin Nagat saw a lot of action during the Second World War especially between 1891 and 1960. This weapon was a favorite among the Russian military. It was a bolt action rifle and was among the mass produced weapons during the period. To clearly understand the efficiency of this cool rifle, wikpedia has some great illustrations.

M1 Carbine

The M1 Carbine was mainly used by the American forces during the Second World War. This was a semi automatic rifle which was mainly used by paratroopers. It was a very easy to carry rifle making it a favorite for front line forces.

Gewehr 43

This rifle was produced by the Germans and it was semi automatic. It was similar to the Russian and American semi auto rifles and it was quite reliable.

Major armies had equipped their infantry with most of the listed effective rifles during the war. The combination of rounds of magazines that could easily be held, dependable ammunition and an increased firing range made them cool weapons of war in the hands of well trained infantry. These rifles are some of the most significant weapons used in the Second World War and they performed extremely well, that is why they made their way to our list.